44th Artists


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Erin Zosel

Owner & Stylist

Specialties: “Well I certainly do a lot of gorgeous blondes around town! As much as I love my blonde beauties I have to say I love doing it all!!! I love change and following the trends. And I can’t forget about my guys. We need to keep them looking great too!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Because I wanted to work in a positive and creative environment that gave me the space to continuously change and challenge myself. It’s also the best job in the world when people come to you already excited and leave even more excited. It doesn’t get better than that :)”

Word that best describes you: Risk-taker

Instagram: @erinzosel


Allison Weldon


Specialties: “I work with all colors of hair but I am known best for the blondes I do! I love giving hair bright, dimensional looks while still keeping the hair looking as natural as possible. I want you to love your hair when you walk out of the salon and still love it weeks later!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “People ask me this question all the time and my answer is truthfully.. I don't know! I've always been super into beauty and hair related things but I just gave cosmetology school a shot and went from there. I'm sure glad that I found this path! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! ”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane's gave me the opportunity to work in a beautiful, creative space with amazing stylists surrounding me. Working at Sloane's has opened so many doors for me and I’m forever grateful for that!”

Word that best describes you: Compassionate

Instagram: @allison_weldon_hair


Ally Kubalak

Stylist | Stylist Manager

Specialties: “I enjoy staying current with the trends. I feel my specialties are long hair with blended layers, bobs (long and short), upstyles/special occasion hair, and blended blonde highlights. I also enjoy doing men’s cuts.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I was always interested in the beauty and fashion industry. Being a creative and artistic person, I knew I wasn’t going to be in an office job. My very first job was a receptionist at a salon and I quickly realized that I could make people feel good about themselves while also doing a job I love.”

Why Sloane’s? “It’s all about good people and good energy. Sloane’s has both and so much more.”

Word that best describes you: Grateful

Instagram: @allykubalakhair

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Amanda Carlson


Specialties: “dimensional color & Brazilian Blowout”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “The stories, the milestones we experience together with our guests, & the friendships made...creating beautiful hair and making people feel great is just the cherry on top of that! There’s something truly amazing and contagious to me about the buzz of a busy salon.”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane’s...it’s an honor! Because there’s nothing more inspiring to me as a hair stylist, than to be surrounded by the very best of the best every. single. day.”

Word that best describes you: Dynamic

Instagram: @amandacarlson.hair

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Annie Ellis


Specialties: “Cutting Coloring Styling Blowouts”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I started cutting, coloring and styling my girlfriends hair in 7th grade. All of my friends would come to my house before dances and parties in junior high and high school and I would style everyone’s hair. I loved it so much! Still do! Some of them are still my “clients”. It just seemed right to make it into a career when I graduated.”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane’s is a beautiful salon full of the most talented hairdressers.”

Word that best describes you: Happy

Instagram: @annieellishair

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Briana Meehl


Specialties: “Sun kissed brunettes and blondes and natural, believable redheads! I often use multiple techniques when coloring and cutting including Balayage, Foilayage, root shadow, dry cutting, and razor cutting. I really like to embrace natural texture and keep health of hair and maintenance in mind when coming up with a plan for you!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I’m a second generation stylist (Hey Mom!) and have literally been in a salon my whole life, yet the path wasn’t obvious to me. I always knew I wanted to create, but no one wants to do what their mom does, right? After experimenting with art and design school for a couple years, I had fresh perspective on what a career in the hair industry could be, enrolled at Aveda and the rest is history! I’m so happy to be in one of only a handful of careers that allow you to be creative and connect with so many different people, hear their stories, usher them through life events; all while making them feel and look their best! ”

Why Sloane’s? “The ability to be my own boss within this amazing, beautiful space, surrounded by stylists who are just as passionate about seeking & sharing knowledge is such a rare combination in this industry. I feel truly grateful to be in such great company!”

Word that best describes you: Affable

Instagram: @breezymehl

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Brittany Rosset


Specialties: “Color and updos”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “To be completely honest, I knew my senior year of high school that a four year college degree wasn’t for me. So one day my grandma and I made a list of other options and cosmetology was on the list! Visited the school loved it and signed up immediately! I’m so lucky to say this worked out for me. Thanks for the idea grandma!”

Why Sloane’s? “There was a combination of things I met with Erin and felt really good about what the salon culture would be and I also knew Paul would be my manager. Plus I had an opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people that I believe wanted the same that I did out of a work environment and I just wanted to be part of that. ”

Word that best describes you: Loyal

Instagram: @brittanyrosset.hair

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Callan Neubauer


Specialties: “Cutting, styling, bridal and special event styles.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “My mom was a hairdresser and worked out of our home, so I literally grew up in the hair industry. It felt like such a natural career choice for me. I love the creative side of it, but also love getting to make people feel beautiful. ”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane’s has created this incredibly beautiful space filled with such talented people. It’s inspiring to come to work every day and keeps pushing you to be the best stylist you can be.”

Word that best describes you: Attentive

Instagram: @callan.hair

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Daniel Schuster


Specialties: “Mens hair, blow outs, and everything in between.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I have always had interest in hair. Growing up, my mother and sister would always let me play with theirs. After graduating high school my sister encouraged me to make a career out of hair.”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane’s gives me a beautiful space, in a charming neighborhood. To work with like minded amazingly talented people. Driven by an amazing woman with an incredible vision. ”

Word that best describes you: Detailed

Instagram: @danielschuster83

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Emily Glass


Specialties: “Edgy bobs, long draping layers, curly hair, bangs, men’s cuts, blondes, brondes, red heads, and transitioning natural grays. A complete tailored look will be creating while considering hair maintenance, lifestyle and face shape.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Dream job”

Why Sloane’s? “Amazing product, education, and community of talented stylists.”

Word that best describes you: Detailed


Jason Stern


Specialties: “Creating complete looks”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I always have been into art and design. Growing up a favorite activity of mine was painting/drawing and sculpting, doing hair was a natural fit to express my creativity. I look at hair as another medium to create art/beauty. Also growing up a fan of film and television I was always drawn to the styling. I like to pull inspiration across from many genres and decades.”

Why Sloane’s? “To surround myself with like minded individuals, to whom are focused on honing their craft.”

Word that best describes you: Immersed

Instagram: @stern.looks

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Jenee Auger


Specialties: “Balayage, short hair cuts”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “The ability to meet so many different people and help them feel confident in who they are.”

Why Sloane’s? “Beautiful space, talented hairdressers, great products.”

Word that best describes you: Friendly

Instagram: @jeneeaugerhair

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Justine Lineburg


Specialties: “The Perfect Match: A proven system used to find the best look for your facial features, skin tone, hair type and lifestyle.
Specifics: Right now i’m very much into Reds, Balayage, and gray hair blending/transitions. For cutting: I love women’s short hair, bobs and bangs!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I’m addicted to making sincere connections with people. It lights me up and I have always been fascinated with the confidence that great hair can bring to a person!”

Why Sloane’s? “I have traveled the world teaching other stylists. The talent and inspiration of the Sloane’s team is something I have yet to find anywhere else. The energy and passion is contagious!”

Word that best describes you: Grateful

Instagram: @justinelineburg

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Kati Thorland


Specialties: “Customizing the clients color and cut for their lifestyle.
Creating the “Lived In” color look from blondes to brunettes.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Realizing you can make someone’s day by doing their hair. I love the creative and free feeling I get from doing hair.”

Why Sloane’s? “I love the beauty and simplicity of the space and to be able to work with the most talented co workers.”

Word that best describes you: Inspired

Instagram: @katistyling

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Katie Hermundson


Specialties: “Haircutting, highlighting and color.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself creatively as well as the day being different all of the time. Working with people is in my blood and I truly love that aspect of hairstyling.”

Why Sloane’s? “I was looking for a place to be creative and grow as a stylist. Sloane’s has provided a positive and vibrant space to do my craft along with placing value in education and inspiration.”

Word that best describes you: Genuine

Instagram: @katie.hermundson

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Kristyn Lusk


Specialties: “I’ve had extensive training in both cutting and coloring and I love to see an entire look come together.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “To make people look and feel beautiful.”

Why Sloane’s? “It’s the perfect place to be inspired by like minded hairstylists.”

Word that best describes you: Trustworthy

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Lauren Gerring


Specialties: “Blonding / Balayage / Color / Color Correction / Low-Maintenance Hair Color, Cuts & Styles.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Creatively, I get to do something different everyday, so I am never bored at work! I love working with people one on one to get to know their lifestyle and what is practical for them and how they live. Ultimately, the reason I chose to become a hairdresser was to work with people and make them happy! I feel very intuitive when it comes to what people want and it’s so rewarding to help people feel and look their very best!”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane’s is a beautiful creative workspace filled with not only some of the most talented hairdressers, but also the realest, most down-to-earth and kind-hearted people! We are also fortunate to have top of the line brands such as, Oribe, R and Co and Kerastase. These leading brands in the beauty industry provide so many exciting opportunities to grow and evolve and to never stop learning as hairdressers.”

Word that best describes you: Intuitive

Instagram: @laurenstyles

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Mary Montgomery


Specialties: “I love it all, but dig curls!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I absolutely love what I do! My job has always been a passion rather than work. It’s not just about the hair; it’s about the personal connection you make with individuals daily.”

Why Sloane’s? “What’s not to love? Talented stylists, positive energy, a beautiful workspace, a go getter boss and amazing hair walking out the doors everyday.”

Word that best describes you: Confident

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Paul Felipe

Stylist | Stylist Manager

Specialties: “#edinahairstylist #edinahaircolorspecialist....yep that about says it all.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I was fascinated by the “ANGELS”.....no not the Victoria Secret angels....CHARLIE’S ANGELS”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane’s is HIP, CHIC and ELEGANT......a place I love “CREATING BEAUTY” ”

Word that best describes you: #NEVERSTOPSLEARNING #HAIRNERD...ok that’s more than one :)

Instagram: @paulfelipebeauty

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Sam French


Specialties: “Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, blondes and natural color.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I wanted to start working right away and knew 4 years of college wasn’t for me! ”

Why Sloane’s? “LOVE the vibe and the location.”

Word that best describes you: Natural

Instagram: @samfrenchmastercolorist


Susanne Huber


Specialties: “I have a crush on awkward cowlicks, and multi textual hair ... to cut and style what is naturally given into a modern wearable style that is effortless(A few products required). Cutting or razoring a visual focus to the eyes, cheeks and lips, the triangle effect, Hair is the accessory to see YOU! My specialty with color has changed over the years, moving with me, to blur the line of outgrowth and also to celebrate the silvery white, platinum sparklers that allows freedom of outgrowth and a still a richness of color. ”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I answered an ad to become a part time receptionist for Horst at his school, he cut, permed, and styled my hair, I was in a “Congress Festival” show and I absolutely loved the vibes surrounding it all, he told me to quit everything and enroll in his school to become a hairstylist. So I did, 30 years later, here I am! Still lovin’ it!!”

Why Sloane’s? “I met Erin 2 years ago, LOVED her esthetic and zest, I knew I would one day work with her, the caliber of stylist that she has recruited is impressive and I am completely thrilled to be a part of Sloane’s.”

Word that best describes you: Thorough

Instagram: @_suleehu_

Shayne Barsness

Front Desk Manager

From the owner: “The second I met Shayne I knew we had to have her in the Sloane’s family! Not only is she gorgeous and stylish, she takes amazing care of our clients and of all of us as well. We are humbled that she spends her days keeping us in line.”