50th Artists



Erin Zosel

Owner & Stylist

Specialties: “Well I certainly do a lot of gorgeous blondes around town! As much as I love my blonde beauties I have to say I love doing it all!!! I love change and following the trends. And I can’t forget about my guys. We need to keep them looking great too!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Because I wanted to work in a positive and creative environment that gave me the space to continuously change and challenge myself. It’s also the best job in the world when people come to you already excited and leave even more excited. It doesn’t get better than that :)”

Word that best describes you: Risk-taker


Abby Caridelli


Specialties: “Blondes and Balayage”

Why did you become a hairstylist? “So I could form relationships with so many amazing people that I get to meet on a daily basis.”

Why Sloane’s? “Getting to work with so many talented stylists helps me grow and learn every day I come to work.”

Word that best describes you: Entertaining

Instagram: @sbbartist.abby

Alex Tran.jpg

Alex Tran


Specialties: “I specialize in easy, low maintenance, wearable hair that looks as good at home as it does in the salon. Subtle, natural looking color is my specialty as well as thick hair. ”

Why did you become a hairstylist?: “I wanted a career where I could be creative everyday and a way to share my training as a visual artist to help other people.”

Why Sloane’s?: “I love working alongside other talented stylists that value a sense of community in the workplace.”

Word that best describes you: Perceptive


Alli Swanson


Specialties: “Women’s haircuts, color and blowouts. Getting to know my clients on a personal level allows me to help them find a style that will make them feel amazing and that they are able to maintain! I love finishing my clients services with a great blowout that lasts for days!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I always loved what a treat it was getting my hair done, and wanted to give people that experience for themselves.”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloane’s is the type of salon I dreamed of working at when I was in hair school! It’s beautiful, trendy and the people are amazing!”

Word that best describes you: Thoughtful


Amy Speck


Specialties: “Colors and hair cutting”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I loved fashion ads and the hairstyles of Vidal Sassoon and Horst. I also loved the salon environment and how it felt to get my hair done, I wanted to give that feeling to others.”

Why Sloane’s? “It is filled with beauty, talent and amazing hearts.”

Word that best describes you: Friendly

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Breann Robinson


Specialties: “Do a little of everything”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Love to make people feel good about themselves inside and out.”

Why Sloane’s? “It’s the best in town!”

Word that best describes you: Good listener

clare manuel.jpg

Clare Manuel


Specialties: “I don't specialize in a certain area because I like the variety and versatility in my craft. I can knock out a clean precise bob to a disconnected texturized short, or long haircut and I love creating soft natural looks using foilayage, babylights and all-over color techniques”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “It is in my blood. I'm a 3rd generation hairstylist. When I was a little girl I would hang out in my mom's salon and fold towels, sweep up hair, clean brushes, etc. I loved playing 'beauty shop' with my friends and attended my first hair show at age 16. I couldn't wait to grow up and be a hair-artist as well, I just always knew I wanted to be a part of this fun industry.”

Why Sloane’s? “When you enter SBB you get all the GOOD feels from the energy and atmosphere it brings and you leave with GREAT hair from the top notch team of hair artist we have.”

Word that best describes you: Effervescent

Instagram: @clarehair_


Craig Weitz


Specialties: “Bonded extensions, Color, Foils, Keratin Treatments, Men & Women Haircuts”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I enjoy designing haircuts and colors to reflect my client’s style.”

Why Sloane’s? “I enjoy working with other artists that are a the top of the hair industry.”

Word that best describes you: Precise

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Crystal Tennison


Specialties: “I love having the variety of creating anything from a bright blonde to a rich dark brunette. Also with a perfect haircut to go along with it. I love it all!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Even at a young age, it was important for my barbie/doll clients to have perfectly styled hair!”

Why Sloane’s? “Surrounding myself with people who are passionate, talented and loving as much as I am!”

Word that best describes you: Passionate

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Erica Draeger


Specialties: “I love everything about hair. I enjoy precision cutting and modern beautiful color. Whether it’s cool, icy blondes, a blended, honey balayage, or a deep rich brunette. I truly enjoy doing it all. I also strongly believe that a good color will look even better next to a great haircut. My clientele is built with both men and women. Other services I provide and like to do are Brazilian Blow Outs and Keratin treatments. Great for making unruly or dull locks into smooth, silky shiny hair!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I love the creative freedom we have and the relationships that are built with clients. Also, there’s nothing better then changing someone’s day with a good cut/color or blow out!”

Why Sloane’s? “I chose Sloane’s because of the wonderful location and the ambiance. It’s a busy, bustling trendy salon but also very warm and welcoming. Along with carrying the best retail products in the hair industry, I truly adore all of my coworkers and look forward to coming to work.”

Word that best describes you: Vivacious

Instagram: @eloveshairmpls

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Haylee Huiras-Kemnitz


Specialties: “Blondes, ombré, shadow root, multidimensional colors, color correction, free flowing layers, blunt and lived in bobs, clipper cuts and extensions.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I decided I wanted to do hair after being a haircut model at a high end salon in Minneapolis when I was in 6th grade. I fell in love with the culture and artistry.”

Why Sloane’s? “Besides the amazing 50th and France location, I love being surrounded by other talented and motivated stylist. We learn from one another and help each other grow.”

Word that best describes you: Dynamic

Instagram: @hayleehuiras

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Untitled design.png

Jane Lynn


Specialties: “Master hair colorist”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Passion for the industry.”

Why Sloane’s? “Beautiful boutique salon with talented stylists.”

Word that best describes you: Communicator/listener

Instagram: @janelynn5396

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Marissa Rasmusson


Specialties: “I do it all”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I always loved going to the salon and playing with hair as a kid, loved playing with all the products and just thought it seemed so cool! Now I love the connection you make with people on a personal level and how you really can make people feel so good inside and out with a change of color or cut. ”

Why Sloane’s? “I want to surround myself and my clients with a beautiful environment and be with a team of stylist that have the drive to be the best and put our clients first.”

Instagram: @mrasmusson


Mia Henthorne


Specialties: “Color, cuts and Smoothing hair treatments.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “To make people look and feel beautiful!”

Why Sloane’s? “We have a fun and welcoming atmosphere and some of the best talent in the Twin Cities.”

Word that best describes you: Innovative

Instagram: @marissahentho


Michaela Bounds


Specialties: “I was a color specialist for years , so that will always be my first love & favorite thing to create behind the chair.”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “I worked in salons as a receptionist and feel in love with the environment. I feel so fortunate came into an industry I adore and thrive in.”

Why Sloane’s? “Sloanes provides me with a beautiful space to work , team support, & a ton of advanced education to keep me fresh and challenging myself behind the chair.”

Word that best describes you: Devoted

Instagram: @michaelaboundshair

monique martin.jpg

Monique Martin


Specialties: “You name it!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “Innate ability to do hair.”

Why Sloane’s? “The opportunity arose, & I jumped on it!”

Word that best describes you: Authentic

Nicollet Reese.jpg

Nicolette Reese


Specialties: “cutting + coloring + styling + weddings”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “At a very young age I thought it seemed like a fun way to make a living and let me tell you, young me was right! I’m creative, I love people, and all things beauty.”

Why Sloane’s? “independent stylists; team-based vibe. The congeniality amongst everyone at Sloane’s is undeniable. ”

Word that best describes you: Honest

Instagram: @nicolettehairartistry

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Peach Beckerman.jpg

Peach Beckerman


Specialties: “I do it all”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “It's all I've ever wanted to do.”

Why Sloane’s? “Gorgeous salon, great products, super talented, creative, kind coworkers.”


Taryn Broer


Specialties: “Short hair, curly hair, red heads and anyone who loves big change!”

Why did you become a hair stylist? “As a "busy" child I have always identified as a creative and artist. I love working with my hands and creating new things; repurposing and building.I have a love of making people feel better. My parents told me to find something I love doing then figure out how to get paid for it and work would be easy. Hairdressing came naturally as it put two things I love into one space. Artistry+relationships. ”

Why Sloane’s? “Enjoy an upscale setting with a neighborhood hangout comfort. An "everybody knows your name" vibe.... Cheers!😉Surrounded by some of the twin cities most experienced in customer service and hairdressing the team is equipped to help you achieve and maintain your best self while doing the same for each other. Teamwork you can feel; around good energy!”

Word that best describes you: Thoughtful

Tracy Bennet.jpg

Tracy Bennett

Salon Manager

From the Owner: “Tracy is the friendly voice you hear when you call to book your appointments. She is the smiling face when you walk in the door at 50th. Not only is she our salon manager and keeps everything flowing, but she does this with incredible style and grace. Tracy is our wizard behind the curtain.”